Mystery Ride: We revisit the lost Highway 10-07






March 20, 2010

Anything just to get out for that last ride!  We travel within a couple of hours of Saskatoon, in the same direction as the weekend before. Only this time we'll put on a way less miles and instead of slog 'n it across 30 or 40 miles of fields and new countryside, looking for a town nearby, we're going to do a BBQ in the woods. So on the list, is find a good place to stop and enjoy the view. And we do find it, BBQing right up on the edge would be a little the sun the surrounding soil is getting soft and slippery where it is exposed to the spring warmth. But the scenery, the food and the company is all good plus we're getting in a good sled ride, and it turns out it is the last one of 2010, enjoy the sunny snaps.


We unload in the same place as the weekend before.

And yes there is snow!

A major intersection back in the bush up from where the old ferry would of been located.

Crossing the river, a little melt water 3 or 4 feet above the actual river.

Water skipping 101!!


Looking west down the river.

Looking east.

We travel west along the river bank.

2 or 3 feet of snow, soft in the day time heat, compounded by the huge blocks of ice piled up and scattered everywhere especially along the outside radius.

This hidden uneven terrain can get you by surprise.

The river is just covered in jagged ice cover semi covered by several feet of snow.

Nice spot over looking the river.

Your not quite in focus yet.....back up just a little bit further!

Our head cook at his best

The cooks extra fix'ins.

Looking down the trail towards the river. This is
towards the lost highway river crossing.

Looking up hill away from the river, the ditches from this long ago forgotten river crossing is still visible, as are old bridges and other river crossing locations,.

When we pull out, it's get 'n dark.

For a clue to the Lost Highway, we discover a section of an late 20's highway map. This map should help you find the Lost Highway.