Poker Derbies in and around Nisbet Forest

Are you fit enough to participate  in a cross country snowmobile ride?




Know your needs and reserve your gear!
Here is the
SNOCRUISE gear available with snowmobile rentals this year.


14-09 The Laird rally 2014!


 13-05/13-06 We sign up for the derby in Birch Hills


11-07 Macdowall Derby check point


11-05 St. Louis


10-01 Stanley Mission


09-04 Birch Hills Fenton Ferry crossing


07-13  Macdowall  Oil Well Road


06-07 Asquith


06-06 Laird


06-04 Pike Lake


05-06 Larid


03-09 St. Louis


03-09 Saskatoon Snowmobile Club Rally


01-07 Marcelin


01-04 Wingard


00-08 Marcelin via Wingard hall


99-08  Marcelin via Shellbrook/Macdowall


99-06 Wingard via Macdowall


 99-02 Canwood via Shellbrook/Macdowall


98-10 Wingard via Macdowall


98-09 Laird over looking the North Branch


97-12 Canwood via Shellbrook


97-11 St.Louis


97-09 Wingard Lilly Plain and Cut Across Road


97-08 Laird


97-05 Macdowall and over to Shellbrook for their Derby.


96-11 Laird derby #2! and over to Shellbrook!


96-09 Wingard  North Branch at Steep Creek


96-08 Laird, over looking the North Branch


95-13 Marcelin



95-09 Leask Derby


94-13 Martens Lake


94-12 Marcelin


 92-10 Marcelin,  Formerly a UFO in Marcelin!