-REMOTE BASE  Cross Country Option  

Are you fit enough to
 participate   in a cross country snowmobile ride?

Know your needs and reserve your  gear .







 18-01 V First ride of the year, our BlueMax/SXT shakedown  


 16-06  A family ride up thru Nisbet Forest!


 16-01 Nisbet Forest


 15-02 Birch Cabin 


 15-01 Nisbet Forest 


 14-03 Riding near some homesteads from long ago .


  09-10  Sun tan snow in Saskatchewan


 09-09  Hmm where did they go?


 09-02 Saskatchewan's frozen crystal H2O!


 09-01 We will just have one ice cube thanks!


 08-01 A trip up into the Nisbet  


  07-19 Hot water wheelie king!


07-10  A group from France in the Nisbet


  06-15 What a way to break the ice!


 06-14  Observation from a tower


 06-01 Lobstick cabin  


 05-16  Spring Jumping!


 05-15 There is good air in Nisbet!


 05-11 Roddick Cabin Riding with the Momz & Kidz




 04-18 Wingard to Shellbrook


 04-15 Maybe we should leave him there!


 04-14 Family BBQ March 13



 04-12 Family BBQ March 7


 04-08 Pounding some banks near Birch Hills




 04-02 A family ride and BBQ


 04-01 Adamson Lake to test  


 03-17 The plan was Shellbrook 


 03-04 We stop at the North Tower on the way to Shellbrook


 03-03 And I can do this!


 03-01  In the Nisbet near Roddick Lake


 Winter of 2003


 02-14  Aggressive cut line in the Nisbet


 02-13 _ _ _ _ be Quick!


  02-11 They have been "Framed!"


   02-10 Stopping for fuel on the way


 02-09 Half the group gets ditched!




 01-12   We found a beaver run next to...
the beaver house! Imagine that!


 01-04 We do the Wingard derby from Macdowall




 00-01 Bottomless powder


 99-13   The rolling Nisbet hills


 99-07 Riding the 1885 Trail to PA




 98-01  Steep Creek


 97-04 Macdowall via the St. Laurent Grandin Buffalo Jump .


 Winter of 1997  


   Winter of 1996


 Winter of 1995


 95-20 Hot Dogs headed to Shellbrook


 Winter of 1994


 Winter of 1993


 94-17 Spring ride in Nisbet Forest


 93-12 The old South Fire Tower


 Winter of 1992


 Winter of 1991


  90-06  Stuck in the forest fringe banks


 Winter of 1990