The way the bird flies:
Macdowall to Birch Hills. 41 miles
Birch Hills to James Smith for fuel 40 KM (1 pm)
To stop overlooking the  Sask. river  10 km (3:00 pm)
Thru the river crossing.
Thru Fort a la Corne to Choiceland 55-60 km (3:00 to easily 6-6:30 )
Choiceland Curling and hot Pizza from the hotel dinning room, bring your running shoes.
Best guess 150 km add 30% = 200 KM (125miles) to Choiceland. (one way)
We won't be watching the grass grow!.
Bring Octane boost only regular fuel on this trip!

Have breakfast and 9am ish head back, deciding on the fly, inputs being snow conditions we find, river crossings, fuel stops and overall riding area country side, landscape and scenery conducive to some of the nicest riding conditions you could ask
or. You'll notice not many photos were taken in the country side between the Lost Highway and Macdowall! I will post a link HERE  in the future, to many of the area photos from previous trips! It turned out it was 135 miles back!