The way the bird flies.... not exactly we did not want to ride across any fields that still had crop in them. This was a bad year for farmers with respect to getting the crops off in time. Harvesting occurred in late August thru most of September and hardly a single day in October. Harvesting resumed in November for many and if you could start your diesel combine in December you could go out drive on the small sloughs and water bodies and combine up the crop that was not consumed by the rising water.:
Macdowall to the Muskaday Reserve to gas up (Late in the day 1PM-we had our issues!). I see my odometer was reading 37 miles at Muskaday when we stopped for fuel. Then zigzagged stubble and crossed the North Branch @ Cecil Ferry. We zigzagged really good stubble fields NE to find the pioneer river crossing on the Whitefox. I was watching the countryside for the location of an old "cemetery" as indicated on Provincial topographical maps of the area. This will prove to be interesting, looking at our mileage  My odometer read 118 miles (KM) as we rolled in to Choiceland.
At the Choiceland Curling rink, we enjoyed a number of ends of curling, maybe not as many as other years, some of our skips were played out by the extra miles of cross country field riding...not riding thru the relaxing trail across the middle of Fort a la Corne seemed to have some effect! Mind you we did curl to 10:30-11 O'clock!

We won't be watching the grass grow! The sun is shining brightly, but there is a line of heavy black clouds on the horizon across the sky...we are going to make tracks, new tracks while the sun is shining and visibility is optimum.
We can ride back on our existing tracks safely if it clouds over or gets stormy. We are headed for the Whitefox River bordering the Fort a la Corne Forest.

We enjoy a community breakfast 9AMish. We pack up and head out, deciding on the fly, inputs being snow conditions we find, river crossings, fuel stops and overall riding area country side, landscape and scenery conducive to some of the nicest riding conditions you could ask for. We pick You'll notice not many photos were taken on the way back but there is lots of Youtube video that will get processed as time allows, just look for the links with a "V".