SNOCRUISE  Favorite sled'n:
 Yours truly, GET 'N STUCK!  






SNOCRUISE will drive your snowmobile for you, if we have to cross a road way.

SNOCRUISE will check with you often, to make sure your gear and your snowmobile is functioning properly.

SNOCRUISE will stop often so you can communicate with your friends and family!

SNOCRUISE is there when you get stuck! Getting stuck is half the fun!

SNOCRUISE is always there at just the right time to take some snaps for you that you can share with the world!


If you need us to pick something up at the store SNOCRUISE can help!

If your feeling like you are in over your head just wave! SNOCRUISE is there to help!

If you need someone to call home and make excuses, or set the VCR, SNOCRUISE can do that too!

SNOCRUISE always, when ever possible, tries to end our day with a nice Sunset.


Does Your  Guide
Get Stuck?
Oh Yea!
And he's not afraid to "Get you all in pretty deep!" And you wonder why he has some concern over what snowmobiles

How about stuck against a  Tree on a slippery slope!

video by Clifford!

How about stuck in a

Stuck on the edge
 Duck Lake .

Stuck on anti erosion rocks on the edge of
 Highway #11!  

Your guide is not stuck, when it comes to changing a
Secondary setting to optimize performance!

Stuck after a spring

Stuck on the edge of

Stuck in the trees OOPS!

I was stuck down
Black hole!

Stuck next to
The Old  Crutwell
Ferry Crossing

Just stuck!
Make some

Stuck next to
The Old Carlton Ferry Crossing.

Just about was stuck in the water and the willows!

Rolled off from W.O.T. and simply was stuck in the Nisbet Forest!

Was broadsided by the wind, and got taken sideways straight into the willows!

Maybe not technically stuck...I was just about "stuck" into the snow! I slammed into a firm blow thru!

 Everyone not just V-Max's with 1.5" tracks, and my old
 FIRECAT F-5 , even the 800 RMK was stuck here!

Stuck in a
ravine on a cloudy day!

Stuck on a Sno Scoot in running shoes!

Stuck in some fresh bottomless powder on the trail from
Stobart to Prince Albert"!

Stuck in the bulrushes

Stuck in the Power Line Eskers.

Stuck at Night in some powder!

Stuck in the rolling Nisbet hills!

Stuck on a Cut line leading up out of a valley!

Stuck in a new wind blown Snow bank!

Stuck in the spring Slush!