March Rides

Are you fit enough to participate  in a cross country snowmobile ride?






Know your needs and reserve your gear!
Here is the
SNOCRUISE gear available with snowmobile rentals this year.


 20-11VF One more time lets put some miles on for a change! WE are talking close call....


20-10VF  Loaded and ready to go. I scouted a nice location, to unload getting permission from the gas station owner a day ahead of time.


20-09V OK I had to put my sled back on the truck. Really one tie wrap....Yup.


19-06VF The last ride of 2019, that I can assure You!!


18-07 V  The last Vintage oval for 2018


18-06 VF A cross-country tour!


17-08 F  The last Hurrah!


16-09 V A nice last ride of the year?


16-08  Running the Emma Lake near the oval racers.


 16-07 VF   We cross the North Branch @ fort Carlton

 15-11/12  Running the groomed trail


15-10 V F Bushwhacking!  Just getting down to the North Branch!

14-16 Duck Lake thru to Nisbet Forest 


14-15 V F Pounding some Nisbet drifts!


14-12VF/13V/14F Yahoo! A little Formula One anyone?


  13-16 F  Big screw-up!


 13-15   Reflecting in the Sun


 13-14 F  One wild stormy day!


 13-13  Running the groomed trail


 13-12 V Climbing the hills


 13-11 F  Getting in pretty deep! 


 13-10 F On Route 66


Crossing the Saskatchewan River


11-10 Running the Railway


11-09 Cross country to Emma


 11-08 V Big snow on route to Emma


11-07 Boon docking back in the Nisbet


10-09 Macdowall to Rosthern


 10-07 Crossing one of the 3 major rivers


 10-05  Relics lost in time


09-09  Hmm where did they go?


09-08  No one got wet...but!


09-07  Cast a spell kill a cat!


 09-06  All in a days fun


 08-08  Foot hills in Saskatchewan?


  08-07  Big bank climbing


07-18 Spring river crossing


 07-17  Big forest cutline


07-16  Dads and Sons


07-15 Stuck again and again and again!


06-12 Taking a breather near the Steep Creek crossing


06-10 Blown in back road corridor


06-08  Down but not out!


05-15 There is good air in Nisbet!


04-18 Wingard to Shellbrook


04-17 Family BBQ March 27.


04-16 Storm 'in thru the trees!


04-15 Maybe we should leave him there!


04-14 Family BBQ March 13.


04-12 Family BBQ March 7.




03-16  Riding Cowboy!


03-15 Hmm...this Oldsmobile was known as the TV car!


03-14 A regular stop when we are out this way!


03-12  Mar 9 We followed the tracks from the Domremy derby


03-11 This would fall under the crash and burn section


02-13 _ _ _ _ be Quick!


 02-11 They have been "Framed!"


  02-10 Stopping for fuel on the way


02-09 Half the group gets ditched!


99-13   The rolling Nisbet hills


 99-12  A nice cut line in the forest


99-11  Buffalo Jump lunch


   99-10   Stuck in the trees!


98-18  One ski lifted haul 'in the mail!


98-15  Debden


97-14  The Crutwell Ferry crossing


96-16 Riding the high banks


96-15 A 300 mile day near Hudson Bay


91-03/04/05 A Weyakwin Adventure


 90-06  Stuck in the forest fringe banks