Nisbet Forest to Shellbrook

Shellbrook town map

Duck Lake to
Shellbrook map


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15-10 Shellbrook via Nisbet crossroads

13-18 F  A quick run to Shellbrook from the Spruce Cabin


13-16 F  Plenty of powder off the trail


 13-12V The remains from an iron horse of another century


11-10  Saskatchewan Foothills


10-03V A Remote starting point  near Nisbet Forest


 08-08 Abandoned railway corridor


08-07  Snow Banks reaching the sky


 08-02 Power Line Eskers


07-18  McFarlane Creek


 07-15 Summer road corridors blocked by blow thru's and aggressive snow banks


07-13   Shellbrook via the Macdowall poker derby Near Lilly Plain Road


07-12    Dry Saskatchewan Powder


07-05 North Branch crossing at the power line


 06-12 Nisbet near Holbein, in the burn


06-10 Massive blow throughs  ahead, block our travel on Boundary Trail


06-08 Only another 100 miles to go in this blizzard WEATHER, Yahoo!!!


06-06  A surprise vehicle on Cut Across Trail, Shellbrook via the Laird derby. She's a little over cooked


06-05 Stick it in a snow bank near Shellbrook


06-03 Formula One  or NASCAR?


05-12 A pond off the trail near the Eskers Power line


05-07 Nisbet near Shellbrook


04-18 Wingard to Shellbrook


04-16 Off the Cliff thru the trees!


04-15 Jumping the high banks!


04-11 Lifting the skis in the fields.


03-17 Unloading outside Macdowall


03-16 Boundary Trail


03-15 Steep Creek crossing


03-14  Steep Creek river crossing


03-09 Shellbrook via St. Louis derby


03-05  A real "Foggy" morning in Macdowall


03-04 Old homestead near Nisbet Forest


02-05 Rolling hills near Shellbrook


01-11 Lilly Plain and North Cabin trails Intersection


01-08 Wind break snow banks near the power line crossing


01-03 Homestead just outside Macdowall


99-08 Just a couple miles SW of Shellbrook


 99-06 Indy 400 seized near Okemasis Lake


 99-02 On a derby near Zimmer Lake


98-10 Taking a breather on the way to the Wingard rally. We were grinning so hard our faces hurt!


98-07 These Summer road corridors historically known as the up the "Green Lake Trail".


98-06  Near Callaghan Lake


97-16 Lilly Plain Road


97-14 The HIGH BANKS


97-13 South of Callaghan Lake


97-12 Shellbrook and north for a derby.


97-11 Shellbrook via St.Louis derby


97-09 Shellbrook via Wingard derby


 97-08 Shellbrook via Laird derby


97-07 Shellbrook and back thru Nisbet


97-06 Macdowall and over to Shellbrook for lunch.


97-05 Macdowall and over to Shellbrook for their Derby.


97-02 Macdowall and over to Shellbrook nice hoarfrost! 


97-01 Macdowall and over to Shellbrook past the North Tower!


96-12 Macdowall and over to Shellbrook!


96-11 Laird derby #2! Steep Creek NW river crossing


96-05 Intersection of Cut out and Lilly plain Rd


95-20 Crossing Steep Creek


95-08 Exploring deep into the forest off of  Lilly plain Rd