Nisbet to Shellbrook 03-05



  • Lots and lots of Km's through Nisbet Forest & around outlaying country side and communities.
  • Transportation for up to 4 persons included unless otherwise specified.
  • Head to toe gear available as required.
  • Each individuals meals, fuel & oil extra, + + as required unless specified otherwise.
  • Pricing for Full Day Nisbet Forest Cross Country Tours
  • A Good Reason to let a SNOCRUISE Tour Guide Lead the Way!      





January 5 , 2003

Pretty humid "foggy" conditions for
Saskatchewan in the winter! Actually kind of enjoying it! Hell if you are socked in like this here at least you have no chance of falling off of a mountain top like other parts of the country! I have 5 sleds on this ride so this fog adds to the complexity of the adventure and safety combination!

We had a pretty entertaining jaunt out of Macdowall in the fog a newbie,
(we will appropriately name him Mr. LOUD XLT) thought he would pull out and pass in the fields, 2 miles out of Macdowall! We had a huge group, and at least 8 riders followed him in the fog. I kind of wondered while 4 of us waited at a cross roads in the soup "Does he have any idea where he was going?"
It seemed forever that we could hear sleds going all over, back and forth in the fog, just south of our position at the cross roads! Amazingly after 10 or so minutes they figured out which way was up (NW) and one by one or in small groups of 3 they emerged from the fog to join us.

After regrouping we crossed some more fields and entered the forest. Now we have crossed the North Branch.

The Old Power Line Crossing

However we have not been able to climb up into the
POWER LINE eskers corridor.

It seems a guest joining us today with a loaded up touring sled has a jumping chaincase chain and the sled will be left here until we return.

Out on Callaghan Lake you can hardly see the other side.

This unusual weather is quite a departure from our normally dry conditions.

After lunch we head back into the Nisbet Forest.

We get looking around and notice that Mr. Loud XLT is M.I.A. (again!)

Yes you are right that is a "
No Trespassing Sign" nailed to a tree in the forest!

Here we enter the forest on a right of way. Unfortunately this is tough because you have to ride past "No Trespassing" signs that have been posted on the Shellbrook RM right-of-way.

It gets awkward when you find yourself in a position of having to differentiate legitimate "No Trespassing" signs... 

... from illegitimate ones.


Back on the North Branch we are headed to the Crutwell crossing to drop the sled in tow.

The Old Crutwell Crossing

It is getting dark and we have dropped Mr. LOUD XLT off along a roadway where his sled started to act up.

Coming across some favorite fields in the dark was a hoot. Looking back at all the lights spread out a mile or so.

Someone is getting there VCR programmed for an up coming Formula 1 race!

Barely visible is an old log homestead structure peering out of the darkness.

She is dark and after a rest stop we fire up and run the last 2-3 miles into Macdowall for a cold one!

SIGHTSEEING is one thing, but are you fit enough to participate  in a cross country snowmobile ride?