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 If a picture is worth a thousand words what's a thousand smiling people in pictures worth?  Nothing like a smile to let you know that snowmobiling is a pretty cool sport to be involved in. This is while the rest of the Northern Hemisphere sits inside looking out for a couple of months! (Last winter was 6 months!) Snowmobiling means different things to different people, what does snowmobiling mean to you?
Having never tried snowmobiling, you would have to wonder?
What would it mean to you?


We have captured a couple smiles along the way, imagine if I was actually a real photographer.
My pictures are pretty candid.
Here we go..........SMILING BECAUSE...............

SMILING BECAUSE "I went ass over tea kettle! "Did you see me pounding deep soft snow drifts and bulrushes in those sloughs"

SMILING BECAUSE...Our guide had been telling us tall tales about Carl  May!  (
While we look over the edge at the
Buffalo Jump.

SMILING...just what makes you think that I am smiling!

SMILING BECAUSE...We are not exactly sure, why you are all smiling! But hearing that Polaris rev up sure seems to have some of your attention!

SMILING BECAUSE we just hit a patch of flood slush water along the edge of the South Branch!

SMILING BECAUSE the camera is doing something unusual! It took a video instead of a picture! To be posted as soon as if find it!

SMILING BECAUSE it's not our sled that blew up, I guess a drag race sled set up for 10,000 RPM isn't so good for 8 hours of cross country riding!

SMILING BECAUSE the windshield that's missing didn't break when I rolled it, just when I hit a tree branch a couple hours later!

We were not laughing a couple minutes ago but are SMILING NOW BECAUSE the snow is great and neither the windshield or the mirrors  broke off after I rolled it by the Bell Lakes!

SMILING BECAUSE in Vancouver our ice cubes aren't nearly as big!

SMILING BECAUSE we have just met the Chief!

SMILING BECAUSE it is April in Saskatchewan and we are getting stuck in new snow!

SMILING BECAUSE there is a couple sleds down below that are going to need digging out!

SMILING BECAUSE we are all together and have stopped for lunch in St. Louis while on a snowmobile ride in Nisbet Forest.

SMILING BECAUSE we are out in the Nisbet for the first time and having a blast!
SMILING BECAUSE not saying who but  someone just went over the bars and it wasn't me! AGAIN!!

SMILING BECAUSE I can still smile with a face full of snow!

SMILING BECAUSE we have been stuck for hours just to go a couple miles down one of these back road corridors... man I think mountain riding is easier than this!

SMILING BECAUSE we just don't have opportunities like this in France! The Bombardiers in France have a different type of rails!

SMILING BECAUSE we have just had a great ride across the North Branch from Fort Carlton and I have just lost track of time!

SMILING BECAUSE we are on Miners Creek Trail and when I pour the coal to it, this XC SP is hauling the mail!

SMILING BECAUSE Dad climbed the fire tower to call the R.C.M.P. for a motorist in distress.

SMILING BECAUSE we had to leave someone behind to fend for himself! Apparently a Mars bar wrapper doesn't double as tissue paper very well.

SMILING BECAUSE as soon as you pull that Polaris off the high banks I can get help!

we are out for a family snowmobile ride and having a BBQ.

this new method of zipping up your suite is different!

SMILING BECAUSE we are stuck and are we lucky that Dad is here to help us dig out!
we are stuck again!

SMILING BECAUSE mom and I have just make tracks in this entire meadow!

SMILING BECAUSE the only injury is the pocket book!

this unlikely  occurrence  of halving to crawl out from under the snowmobile was not expected!

SMILING BECAUSE the photographer is making smart cracks about us!

SMILING BECAUSE riding these hotrods does have the racy comparisons to our sport bikes back home, this is so forgiving!

we have just met the Chief!

Dad rented 2 machines

SMILING BECAUSE this Dad has taken his boys snowmobiling!


you cannot see me!

we are snowmobiling in the Saskatchewan Prairies in April!

SMILING BECAUSE the sled may be stuck, but the good news is it's up there and I'm down here!

SMILING BECAUSE Mom is taking me for a ride!

SMILING BECAUSE we are in minus 28 Celsius Saskatchewan winter Weather, near an abandoned home! And we've been told we have the wildest looking hats our trail guide as ever seen!

SMILING BECAUSE I just about backed out, and I can't believe how much fun it is to ride the Saskatchewan country side on a snowmobile!

SMILING BECAUSE my Dad has brought my friends snowmobiling with us!

SMILING BECAUSE my sister is giving me a snowmobile ride for the first time!

SMILING BECAUSE Moms going to tear down the lake with me on the back!
SMILING BECAUSE we are out on a snowmobile trip with our friends!

SMILING BECAUSE this is my first time to drive a snowmobile.

SMILING BECAUSE that is what cousins do when they get together!
SMILING BECAUSE this the first time snowmobiling in the wilderness for this Englishman!
And our guide brought carrots!

SMILING BECAUSE I operated the throttle for Dad. This is when he took his hand off of the throttle, and with out his knowing it was going to happen, the ZL picked back up to stay with the pack. This ZL 500 barked to life pretty good, it sure surprised him! Dad said "don't tell Mom!" Dad said "he was real happy he didn't fall off the back!"

we just moved some
Trees off the trail!

SMILING BECAUSE this killer bale didn't get me!

Thumbs Up