• Basic Snowmobile   Safety  Basics That are Time Proven!
  • Basic Snowmobile  Mechanical  Layout, Mechanical basics Galore!
  • Basic Snowmobile   Orientation  and Team Player Tips!
  • Favorable  Ergonomics  Weather or not Required in Saskatchewan!
  • Our Cross-county Saskatchewan!  Suspension  Packages and Specifications
  • OK !! What is  Speedometer accuracy  !!


Our cross-country tour snowmobiles all have features that set themselves apart from any one else's, even privately owned sleds normally do not incorporate the extras that we see as standard equipment on our Premium models.

  • Warm snowmobiles that have an actual cowling, windscreen and some mass between you and the elements. We don't control the Weather, so the benefits of our snowmobiles would not be obvious until you take the time to think! This Yamaha has the heat exchangers in the right places and anti freezing fuel system heaters which helps you deal with all kinds of weather.

  • Raised handlebars with handlebar hooks, make the bars wider for better Ergonomics, for leverage and a higher position for standing, so you can change your riding position safely.

  • Premium shocks and the latest variable rate front springs available for a suspension tuned to follow the terrain.

  •  Not just performance precise handling skis, but  these these models incorporate the latest DUALLY or WOODYS dual carbide ski runners, expensive, however the results, when you encounter a rutted trail is just astonishing. On a lighter sled you would think that we've added power steering. (a new snowmobile feature for 2011 on a $17,000.00 machine)

  • They also have electric gas gauges and electric plugs for heated visors, more of our customers are showing up with their own helmets which are with heated visors, a couple customers bring just the heated visor and attach it to our helmets!

  • These sleds are also equipped with a hatchet and a bow saw just in case your trail is blocked with some light dead fall, or you decide to do the outdoors BBQ.

  • Many of our sleds are equipped with under hood Slow Cookers these are handy on full day rides where time for an outdoor cookout or access to a small town for lunch is not on the options list. You decide how when and where we chow down!

  • What does she weight?