January Rides



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Exploration More Bush Whacking 101 20-02F


Exploration Bush Whacking  20-01F

19- 02/03/04VF 2019  152 Riding  cross-country in Saskatchewan the  -Big Miles add up !


18- 03/04/05VF Riding cross-country in blowing cool Saskatchewan winter conditions!


18-02  The first Vintage Oval of the year at Crooked Lake.


18-01V First ride and BBQ of the year in Nisbet Forest at Lobstick Cabin.


17- 03/04/05VF Only in Saskatchewan a combine frozen in H2O!

17-02 More Test 'N Tune


17-01 First time out of the gate,
our 700 141


 16- 03/04 a river! 


16-02 Old Iron in the Snow 


15-04  St. Laurent Ferry Crossing


15-03 Duck Lake is surrounded by the Bulls!


14-06 A cross country surprise




 10-01 Lake riding northern style


09-02 Saskatchewan's frozen crystal H2O!


09-01 We will just have one ice cube thanks!


 08-04 Ride in Lunch near Saskatoon


 08-03 Saskatchewan contrast


08-02 First to cross the North Branch


07-08 We depart from Wingard


  07-07 Sunny morning in new snow!


 07-06 A snow storm brewing oust outside Candle Lake


07-05 Stopping for fuel after a round trip up to the Sturgeon river valley


07-04 Hang 'in out near Macdowall


06-03 Now that is impressive!


04-07 Headed to Emma luckily with buddy and his left over bolts! January 25th.


04-06  Nisbet to St. Louis Lake Racing


04-05 A spin on the South Branch.


04-04 January 11th on Adamson Lake


03-07  We went on the Saskatoon derby


03-06  Jan 27th Taking the Kids for a ride in Montrose


03-05  A real "Foggy" morning in Macdowall


03-04 We stop at the North Tower on the way to Shellbrook


99-05  Taking the kids for a ride.





99-03 Stopped at Holbein for fuel.


 99-02 Have 'n a pop north of Shellbrook





98-05 Abandoned auto on route to Emma




97-04 Macdowall via the St. Laurent Grandin Buffalo Jump.