Nisbet to Debden 99-09



  • Lots and lots of Km's through Nisbet Forest & around outlaying country side and communities.
  • Transportation for up to 4 persons included unless otherwise specified.
  • Head to toe gear available as required.
  • Each individuals meals, fuel & oil extra, + + as required unless specified otherwise.
  • Pricing for Full Day Nisbet Forest Cross Country Tours
  • A Good Reason to let a SNOCRUISE Tour Guide Lead the Way!      

February 21, 1999

MacDowall 10:15 am to Holbein 11:39 / 26.3 L @ $14.43. Then to Debdan 2:07 pm / $24.29. /Then back to MacDowall via Canwood to Shellbrook on the groomed trail then over to Holbein.
NOTE: By evening a logging skidder had plowed its way through Nisbet near Holbein disrupting the trail. Familiar trails
became unrecognizable. A fire was lit and by process of elimination several hours later we rode through!!
We rode about 200 miles (322 KMs)

We stop to adjust our gear on the Fire Guard trail on the North East side of Nisbet.







Over looking
Miners Creek just before hiway 302.


We are just about all the way through the 
Holbein eskers north of the Crutwell North Branch crossing. This is the site of the old fire tower. I am pretty sure that by this date the tower was already gone.




After intersecting the groomed trail running west out of Emma Lake, this is the club house in the
Sturgeon River valley where the Emma Lake portion of trail, meets the autobahn dual, side by side, one way trails, groomed by the Debdan club. There are no pictures of the ride over to Debdan on the autobahn. My friend and neighbor who occasionally rides with us did comment when we arrived in Debdan, he says "Am I getting old or is 90 KM per hour starting to seem pretty fast?" The answer: The '98 Formula 500 he was riding had it's speedometer set in Miles!

Link to day 1 of our ride.