Mystery Rides! 

Are you fit enough to participate  in a cross country snowmobile ride?







Know your needs and reserve your gear!
Here is the
SNOCRUISE gear available with snowmobile rentals this year.


17-08 F A Remote place to explore Nisbet!


15-10V Bushwhacking in the Nisbet


15-09V Searching for the Green Lake Trail


15-05VF Timber about to enter the North Branch!


14-06 A cross country surprise


13-18F  A tunnel to who knows where!


13-05/13-06F A lookout on the Main Branch


12-04/12-05F  Dam! Did you see that?


 11-10F Foot Hills in Nisbet?


11-07V Dry Saskatchewan Powder


10-07 Crossing the Main Branch


 10-05 Those hills look real interesting!


 09-09  Across lake country


 09-08  The Sturgeon's mouth


07-19 Adamson siding


07-15 A tunnel to Sturgeon


07-08 We depart from Wingard


05-13 Nisbet condos!


04-14 A secret Nisbet coulee!


04-12 Nisbet meadow!


02-09  Old iron in the trees


00-12 The Canadian Pacific Bridge on Chitek


00-05  South Carolina's new sledders!


97-20  The Adamson siding


96-14  Corrals in the middle of Nisbet


95-08  Really a trail to nowhere?


95-04 Exploring parallel to some tracks


92-06 A nice valley in Thickwood


91-03/04/05 For reasons not specified it was a "Mystery alright!"


90-06  Lost in the "STORM" yea right on!