High Fives...







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Here is the
SNOCRUISE gear available with snowmobile rentals this year. We have various sizes available .

HJC Full Face Helmets:

  • Small
  • Medium
  •  Large
  •  XLarge
  •  XXLarge
  •  XXXLarge

NO FOG masks:  STD & XL

The Original NO-FOG
High Performance breath deflector

no fog

2 piece suits:

  • Small      

  • Medium

  • Large   

  • XLarge

  • XXLarge

  • XXXLarge

        no fog

Winter boot sizes:

  • 7

  • 9

  • 10 

  • 11

  • 12

  • 13                                




If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a thousand  people with High Fives in pictures worth?  Nothing like a Wave or a High Five to express yourself. A motion with your arms and hands would have to be the most basic sign of communication in the whole world! These High Fives are to let you know that snowmobiling is a pretty cool sport to be involved in. This is while the rest of the Northern Hemisphere sits inside looking out for a couple of months! Watching TV! Snowmobiling means different things to different people, what does snowmobiling mean to you? Would you have an appreciation for the fresh air?
Having never tried snowmobiling, you would have to wonder? Would it be the image of the scenery or watching the scenery going by?
What would it mean to you?

We have captured a couple High Fives along the way, imagine if I was actually a real photographer. My pictures are pretty candid. Here we go..........High Fives and they seem to be pretty spontaneous! 

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE we have not snowmobiled at home in Nova Scotia
since we were kids!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE how often does mom get out to
race around with her boys?

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE I have had a good time riding a snowmobile for the first time...and this cannot be compared to riding quads no mater how you look at it!

 HIGH FIVES BECAUSE We have rode Formula One Baja 500, cross country hot rods into the Saskatchewan wilderness!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE .......this is one excellent adventure!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE .......this is where we dig 'er out!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE .......this is
as far as she got!

made it to the groomed trail and now it's time to flip a coin!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE we are making some tracks carving some virgin powder!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE we decided to abandon all hope of getting to
St. Louis in time for the derby.

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE we found great snow for the last ride of the year!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE we have found some nice Mystery places to ride!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE we are on some high banks just out side Duck Lake, and we are ready for lunch!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE we are enjoying a sunny day in

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE we have been stuck all day and have survived to tell about it!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE .......we are waving at this group of strangers parked ahead of us on the trail and they are waving back!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE .......this back road corridor is so deep and
freshly blown in just about every single sled is stuck!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE .......we have just pulled onto the North Branch but we are not going to cross for a few more weeks!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE this reminds me of the foot hills!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE .......this is the first ride of the year and it is looking good!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE .......this is fun!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE .......this is has some similarities to riding a sport bike!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE we have never rode motorcycles or any other motor sport vehicle as competitively in a group like this ever before!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE .......this is a home...that you could buy...and fix up!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE .......we are deep into the Nisbet and the snow is going over the hood in places!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE .......this is a unique country side littered with relics from the past!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE .......this we are in the Nisbet for the first time!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE .......this stock car racer from the Carolina's is crack 'n the whip!


HIGH FIVES BECAUSE .......this is spring sledding in Saskatchewan! 

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE we have now reached the groomed trail!

HIGH FIVES just BECAUSE we are on
Miners Creek trail and headed to Emma Lake!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE we are headed out on the
Laird rally!

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE the Nisbet is just fantastic to ride.

HIGH FIVES BECAUSE father and son are heading out for a snowmobile ride!