Last Ride of the Year   

Are you fit enough to participate  in a cross country snowmobile ride?





Know your needs and reserve your gear!
Here is the gear available with snowmobile rentals this year. We have various sizes available .

We stop once in a while to check the fit and adjustment of
 your gear  and your snowmobile.


2020VF  And More Snow Galore!!


Winter of  2019VF   patchy snow and OOOPS!

he la

Winter of   2018 F  crossing the North Branch


Winter of 2017 F Nisbet border


Winter of 2016 V Riding cross country.


Winter of 2015 Running the groomed trail


Winter of 2014  Nisbet border


Winter of 2013 F  Garthland.


Winter of 2012 F  Macdowall


Winter of 2011,  Shell River valley


Winter of 2010 Lost highway river crossing


Winter of 2009 Nisbet Lilly Plain road/Cutout road


Winter of 2008 Riding Stubble Fields


Winter of 2007 The Fisher Homestead


Winter of 2006, Miners Creek


Winter of 2005 Nisbet near McFarlane  Creek


Winter of 2004 the North Branch


Winter of 2003 near Steep Creek


Winter of 2002 Nisbet border


Winter of 2001 Nisbet beaver house and slough


Winter of 2000 Little Bear summer road corridor


Winter of 1999 Nisbet Meadows


 Winter of 1998 Forest Boundary


Winter of 1997 Miners Creek


Winter of 1996 South fire tower


Winter of 1995 Snowy Weather


Winter of  1994  


Winter of 1993 Adamson Lake


Winter of 1992 summer road corridor


Winter of 1991 and we are stuck in the slush and water on Drag Race Lake!


Winter of 1990 Blown in rural Sask. summer road corridor